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STEM And Education

STEM And Education

STEM And Education

STEM And Education

  • STEM And Education

  • Why STEM Education

    The need for enhanced K-12 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education and enrichment learning opportunities has become crucial as global innovation creates job opportunities that require a strong working knowledge in these specialized areas. The National Science Foundation (NSF) estimates that within the next decade, 80% of all professions will require a deep understanding of STEM skills. As the future brings both innovative surprises and unforeseen challenges, we need to effectively mentor the next generation to adapt to unpredictable circumstances and create solutions to new problems.

    It is often suggested that improving STEM education is the responsibility of teachers and schools, and now STEM for kids still being recommended by the parents by the parent.Yet, according to the National Institute of Out-of-School Time (NIOST), children only spend 20% of their waking hours in school. Recent research by the National Academy of Science (NAS) states “there is growing evidence that opportunities to get involve in STEM education outside of school directly affect what is possible inside classrooms.” Other recent research also argues the need for after-school learning portals that provide students opportunities to apply academic knowledge to practice and ignite curiosity for continued learning while exploring STEM-focused careers.

    A child’s interest in STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) must develop early and continue to be fostered throughout their early education to ensure a passion for STEM learning pursuits will be retained. Yet, there are only a few opportunities for K-8 students to participate in relevant hands-on STEM for kids projects. Therefore, as today’s STEM professionals, techJOYnT™ is committed to help teach and encourage tomorrow’s innovators through STEM education. Through our project-based, professional skills building, and gamified learning system with techJOYnT™ certified STEM mentors and high-quality technology and learning materials, we aim to transform young passive technology users to passionate content innovators utilizing Computer Programming Franchise. Our program offers quality STEM for kids.

    Learn more about our mission for joyful STEM education of techJOYnT™ by reading our company values here.

  • Our Journey

    • STEM And Education

      How techJOYnT™ Began

      Before we started STEM education, it all started within a library, with our founder Ray Shaik using his own finances to provide a high-end robotics workshop to an underserved community and his children coming up with the initial concept for a business with the mission of social impact, inspired and working hard to help children like them….and now techJOYnT™ inspires to change the future and close the gap of STEM learning opportunities, one community at a time. Read our journey’s story from its beginning steps to its hopeful future, see our vision firsthand, and picture yourself as a part of it all.

  • STEM And Education

  • Joyful Success. Joyful Impact.

    Why We Choose techJOYnT™

    techJOYnT™ excels in its dedication and commitment to its young learners’ success and providing true community engagement. In our top education franchise we strive to maintain the goodwill of STEM education for kids and creating a performance standard. Each techJOYnT™ franchise owner can expect not only company support from the techJOYnT™ team through every step towards your individual business success, but also support in providing personal lasting social impact within your own community and neighborhoods. Become recognized for providing joyful learning opportunities like these techJOYnT™ success stories!

    Check out more techJOYnT success stories here.

  • Testimonial

    • My son really enjoyed the camp, he is ready to go back and have some more classes!

    • I liked that I actually got to learn how to program a robot. I know what I want to be when I grow up now. I really enjoyed this all, do not change anything!!

      ~ MADELINE
      8th grade student
      intro to programming
    • I took many other programming classes but this was my favorite, I learned much more in this.

      Programming II
    • Our students were very engaged in this program. Attendance and participation were really great. When the program ended, the students were disappointed. There have been several who have asked, if we can offer this program again.

      TERESA McAfee
      CRUTCHO Public School
    • Our son had a wonderful time at techjoynt. JP is a fantastic instructor and Ben learnt a lot with him. Ben is thinking of joining techjoynt during the year or doing another camp, maybe in the summer. We really thank techjoynt for such a wonderful experience.

  • Spread Our Joyful Education Concept to Your Community

    Take the first step toward joyful professional independence and community impact. Fill out the application below to learn more about The techJOYnT™ STEM After School Franchise System and how to join our team by starting your own techJOYnT™ learning center.

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