STEM for Kids

August 16, 2017

STEM for Kids

STEM For Kids – The Cool Way To Entertain

Kids are naturally curious and ask indefinite questions. They keenly observe the world around them and sketch and draw a lot. They like to build models, break them down and rebuild it. In a nutshell, kids are natural learners who like to experiment and try new things.

STEM for Kids


Thus STEM for kids is all about providing multi-sensory experiences. Seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling and touching are all important part of a meaningful learning experience. We, at techjoyntfranchise, believe that the best practice for early education is to encourage kids to be active, engaged and take the initiative of their own learning.

How to build STEM skills?

  • In conversations with kids, includes words like big, small, tiny, heavy, round, cylindrical, etc.
  • Encourage comparisons of size, colors, texture, smell, taste, sound and weight of objects.
  • While walking by a creek ask questions like ‘can you find a smooth rock and one with sharp edges?’
  • Build your child’s interest and pique their curiosity by helping them observe different wheels on trains and cars.

Research suggests that the relentless questions by these kids are actually a STEM mindset and assists in brain development. At techjoyntfranchise, we take the time to explain the things kids understand, brush up on what they don’t and find out together.

STEM for Kids

STEM for kids

We make STEM normal and applicable to everyday life – we point out everyday activities such as cooking, music lessons, and shopping and sneak in math and science without being obvious.

We make STEM for kids interesting and hands on – we encourage kids to have fun while learning STEM skills and let them focus on the experience. Like while playing Minecraft or with Lego Blocks, we offer opportunities to learn about technology, how things are made and so on.

STEM for kids

STEM for kids is not just important as it offers awesome job opportunities but also about the spirit of experimenting and evaluating information objectively.

At techjoyntfranchise we teach students to excel in STEM. Our curriculum excites and ignites students while they explore STEM in a way they never knew existed before. By learning coding, technology, and robotics, students experience how learning math and engineering can help them build fun, amazing and useful things.

There is amazing STEM for kids camps and after school classes. Schedule a session today.

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