Game design information

August 16, 2017

Game Design Information

Your Complete Guide To All Game Design Information

Are your kids playing video games? Don’t worry, they aren’t wasting time and energy passively staring at the screen and pressing buttons if you convert this pass time into a creative outlet, fostering their imagination!

Game design is what we are talking about and your child needs not be a skilled programmer or computer expert to start. Below you will find all game design information to give a creative and entertaining experience to your child.

Game design information

To create fun stuff:

Lego Game Creator – this is an online game creator, which lets budding designers create their own game with characters from the Lego Movie. The design elements are easy to pick up and understand. Every kid will enjoy creating and breaking up characters while trying to control Lego Bricks flying everywhere. For more game design information on Lego check out techjoyntfranchise.

Edit an Existing game:

Game Design Information

Minecraft – this is one of the best games that exemplify the concept of editing an existing game. The game gives kids the ability to make physical changes to the randomly created world. In fact, the main goal in one of the level is making players alter the landscape to simply collect the tools needed to survive. Not many games can define and edit their game world like Minecraft does.

Game design information

Total game design:

Tynker – Through videos, programming tutorials, quizzes, and self-driven work, kids learn the basic of game design. The game uses visual blocks of code to explain kids programming concepts. This game design is all about creating an imaginary game world and bringing it to life. Plus, every level created can be shared and reviewed by others via the forum.

You know why we teach games to students?

To make learning fun thus motivating them, helping them stay focused and pay attention to the subject. Through these games, they learn from their mistakes, restart and finally successfully complete the task. These educational games encourage students to learn outside the class.

Game design information

One of the best reasons is that these games allow the student to assess their knowledge for themselves and gives these kids a chance to see where they are having trouble.

Enroll your child in a game design camp at techjoyntfranchise and show them the benefits of video games.

Your Complete Guide to All Game Design Information

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