Popular Coding For Kids Franchise System

September 21, 2017

Popular Coding For Kids Franchise System

An understanding of computer science is fast becoming necessary in this modern world. Our national rivalry depends upon the ability to educate our young ones, and this also incorporates the girls in this critical field. Talking about coding, coding is the new literacy and TechJOYnt Franchise is the pioneer with its Popular Coding For Kids Franchise System.

Coding For Kids Franchise

To thrive well in both today and future society, young people must learn to create, design and express themselves with digital technologies. Coding is so essential because it impacts goes far beyond simply creating websites and software.

Coding For Kids Franchise

TechJOYnT “Coding For Kids Franchise”, discovered some benefits of computer coding for kids:

– It cultivates their creativity:

Children are so creative in nature, but with the help of boundless modes of coding, children are more motivated to think of ideas that might not be likely in the real world. Because coding makes their concept and ideas more tangible, there is a wide chance for them to imagine more thus cultivating their creativity.

Coding For Kids Franchise

– School Benefits:

Most school nowadays utilize computers for testing and other activities within the school, and when kids learn how to program, they would now more about the basic inner workings of computers and this would help them accomplish these tests and other activities perfectly.

– Computational Thinking:

Computational thinking is the capability to communicate your thoughts in a logical and structured way. This also incorporates considering a problem and also breaking it down into single action processes. When these children know computational thinking through coding, they can move from a specific solution to a specific problem and also generalize it to other situations, and this brings a game changer to viewing how things work.

Coding For Kids Franchise

Coding For Kids Franchise have accepted some Coding Apps that are okay for young learners are:

GameStar Mechanic:

Gamestar Mechanic teaches kids from age 7-14 to design and create their own video games. Your students will love completing various self-paced quests while learning to build the level of games. The site integrates problem-solving and critical thinking tasks. GameStar Mechanic teaches kids who are aged 7-14, to design their own video games. Students will love completing various self-paced quests while learning to build game levels.

Scratch :

This is designed by MIT staff and students in 2003, this is one of the first programming languages we have seen that is created specifically for 8-16year old. Originally being a multi-platform download, scratch is now more accessible and now we based. Students utilize a visual programming language which is made up of bricks that they drag to the workspace to animate sprites.  Different types of bricks trigger loops, initiate interactivity, create variables, play sounds and much more. Communities, teaching guides and other resources available on the site will assist instructors to get started.



Although this Tynker is new, it is definitely count as one of favorite coding application. The interface looks like Scratch. But the difference is that while scratch is designed to program, Tynker is built to teach programming. The application features starter lesson plans, an online showcase of student-created programs, classroom management tools. Lessons are simple and self-paced for learners to follow without any aid.


Move the Turtle:

This is a gamified way of learning programming procedures. The main character reminds us of the old Logo turtle utilized to teach children computer programming during the reign of the apple lle. Every new level of achievement increases in their difficulty and also teaches a new command which directs the turtle to reach a star, draw a line, make a sound, etc. A free play mode allows the students to move the turtle however they want.

Coding For Kids Franchise


Hopscotch looks similar to Scratch and Tynker and utilizes similar controls to drag blocks into a workspace, but it only works on the iPad. The characters and controls are not as extensive as Tynker and Scratch, but Hopscotch is a great tool to assist students without coding experience learn the basics of logical thinking, programming and problem-solving.

Daisy the Dinosaur:

From the creators of Hopscotch, Daisy targets the youngest coders. The interface is similar to Hopscotch but much more simpler. There is only one dinosaur to move and only basic functions to utilize, but for your younger learners, this is an excellent introduction to programming.


Cargo-Bot is another game that teaches coding skills. On every level, the aim is to move colored crates from one place to another by programming a claw crane to move right or left and pick up or drop. The game was actually programmed on an iPad, utilizing a touch-based coding app which is called Codea and it is based on the programming language Lua.


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    Kids are very creative in nature, but with the help of coding limitless methods, the children are very motivated to think of ideas that are […] Read MoreKids are very creative in nature, but with the help of coding limitless methods, the children are very motivated to think of ideas that are not in the real world. Because their concept and ideas on the coding are more concrete, they still have a vast opportunity to imagine developing their creativity. Read Less


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